The Large Plan

$186.67 +GST

This is one of the most popular plans our customer request, easy, to the point, all basics included no waste of time, just right.

We clean more than your Basics.

Ideal for Couples & Families. But for you too. “<130 square metres”



Our Team is more than happy to do the last-minute additions your request, of course, we charge the little extra for it, ask our team directly.

Little Extra Charges for:

  • Pets in the House.
  • Windows Treatments
  • Walls & Ceilings
  • Furniture & Upholstery
  • two levels house please add $25

Do you need more than one person? tell us before you place the order.

Our Policy is no based on Money is based on Quality. Our Team have to work alone and can’t get to as many houses in a day as a service, so they deserve to get above the average.

If you are not happy, please let us fix it, in the end, we are humans. 🙂


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